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Why you will love our can cups just as much as we do! The thing with being a grown up is that you get to choose everything that’s in your life. EVERYTHING! From the big things like what size of bed you’ll have and what style of fridge you like, right down to the smaller things like some funky kind of cutlery and the sort of drinkware you’ll use. So why have boring, run of the mill type cups, when you can add a little whimsy into your life with our Can Cups.

exhale chaos can cup
Inhale Peace Exhale Chaos Can Cup

Shaped to look like a soda can and available in multiple sizes, styles and themes, these cups put just that little bit of personality (big or small!) into your everyday life. Why use an everyday beer style of glass, when these cups can add that little bit more fun and character.

Rule 42 Can Cup
Rule 42 Can Cup

Ranging from a teeny lil 145ml to our largest being just shy of 500ml, there’s probably not much we can’t do to style these babies which is alone one of the reasons you will love our can cups as much as we do. From glass etching, to vinyl application, to sublimating a picture of your dog on to a cup, there’s really a ridiculous amount of options if you really think about it, and some of them even come with a lid and a straw!

Our range of can styled cups

So whether it’s one of our pre-designed cups or a custom theme idea of your own, there’s no doubt a style of can cup that’s perfect for you and whatever version of adulting you do.