grumpy unicorn stubby holder

What the heck is a stubby holder? Why a stubby? What the heck is a stubby?
Well, basically it’s a can cooler. A Koozie. A stubby holder.

Why is it called a stubby holder then?

Well, firstly in Australia they’re a Stubby Holder. They are used for keeping drinks as cool as possible whilst holding them. Fitting almost any kind of canned and bottled beverage: make them a staple for any fan of such drinks.

In Australia, we typically give everything a nickname. It’s something we’re rather renown for. A stubby holder was originally used to hold a stubby of beer. It’s called a stubby as the shape of the beer bottle is shorter and more squat looking. This is when compared to the more traditional taller bottles. You know, it’s stubby looking.


love you more than anything except the dog

Yessir. Originally they were made from Styrofoam and were a solid shape. Whilst still very light, they were definitely not as convenient to the flexible holder that we’re familiar with today. They weren’t the sort of thing you could just throw into the glove-box of the car. Back then, the console of the car was not big enough for much more than a street directory and the log book.

These day’s is very common for a stubby holder to be made from Neoprene. They’re flexible enough to throw into a handbag, backpack or esky. The most obvious uses for a stubby holder/can cooler is that they are used to keep your drink cool; your hand warm; and add some personality to your potentially boring bottle or can.

Marketing you say?

Something else to think about with a good old stubby holder though, is exactly how beneficial they could be for your business or sports club. A good marketing tool is product placement. If your brand is on the can cooler, that is potentially so many more people who are now exposed to your logo or club name! If you’re in the sort of place where people are drinking from cans, there’s a pretty good chance that a portion of those people will have a stubby holder. People at sporting events will typically have a one cause when you’re nursing a bevvy or two, you don’t want your drink to get warm in your hands.

So whether its to take to the beach, the cricket or to the bbq, a stubby holder should absolutely be a staple when it comes to your drinking accessories!