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An example of what sublimation looks like.

What the fuck is sublimation? Don’t worry, I’d not really paid much attention to what sublimation is, and what it does, since high school Chemistry either. But man, when I stumbled upon it on my crafting journey it was a game changer. It opens up so many doors of possibilities and ideas. There are some things that vinyl is not really suited for and in some instances, is not even possible to use. Let me give you a bit of an idea of just what the fuck sublimation exactly is!

The best way that I can explain it is that if you can print it onto paper, it can be sublimated onto something. Check out some of our can cups that have been sublimated here Tarot Card Cup The Overthinker

Seems simple right?

Not everything can be sublimated though. Items require polyester or poly-coating to adhere to, to make it permanent. So you can’t just grab any old glass or cup to use, as you need suitably coated blanks. In fact, there are lots of rules that have to be kept in mind when using this method. Apparel cannot be 100% cotton, however, a cotton-poly mix can. A cup from your local department store can’t be used, but a cup with a poly-coating can. You can’t use your standard printer with standard ink, but you can use a standard printer (provided that it’s been converted to a sublimation printer.)
Rules, rules, rules, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Let me give you a basic run-down of what this is all about.

Dye-Sublimation is turning a solid into a gas without passing through a liquid phase. The gas basically ‘becomes 1’ with the media being used. To create a bond that feels like it’s part of the object, instead of that raised feeling like it’s sitting on top. We take an image that has been printed on a special type of paper. Then with a specific type of ink and we transfer that image onto the item with a heat press; and with using high temperatures, you know, Science shit. That’s basically the gist of it. And the options. The options! Seriously, whilst there are some things that can’t be sublimated, there is a whole heap of things that can. And we offer many of them! From our drinkware and apparel, to our pens. We’re here to make the perfect product for you.

So if you have a drawing your little one has done; a photo of your pet; or something else entirely in mind, all you have to remember is that if you can print it on a bit of paper, we can pop it onto one of our suitable products for you.