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Wristlet Key Fobs


Add a little character to your keys.


Put a bit of personality on your keys or bag with our Wristlet Key Fobs.
The perfect way to show off your own flair. An ideal gift for your favourite teacher, book lover, pop culture fan or even as a stocking filler for that little human in your life.

Our Wristlet Key Fobs come in a range of different designs and patterns, so there’s sure to be something to suit all tastes.
Each is made with faux leather with a high quality vinyl on the inside with metal hardware to attach to your keys, bag or drink bottle.

No two key fobs designs are done the same way! Some have glow in the dark vinyl on the inside; some have glitter vinyl, and some have colour change design that will change from the heat of your hands! (back in the 80’s we called this Hyper-colour!). The metal hardware is also slightly different for each individual fob. It may be a different colour metal, it may have a lobster clip attachment instead of the keyring loops.

With new designs coming out all the time, our Wristlet Key Fobs are designed to be all as unique and limited edition as you are!

Be sure to keep up to date with us on our Rule42co TikTok Page as we are always doing live sales. You’ll also be able to see when our next pop up stall appearance will be!

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Aboriginal Design, Blue Heeler Blue, Blue Heeler White, Blue Experiment, Cars, Cat Smiles, Clocks & Teapots, Dirty Dancing, Doors, Dragons, Gumnut Baby, Hungry Caterpillar, Land Of Wonder, Mermaids, Mouse Head, Toys, Video Game, Wizard Hat, Wizard Tools