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This Kitty Has Colourful Skulls Pen


Some kitty’s have claws…. ours have skulls.

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Adding a bit of personality to what is otherwise just boring old stationary, these black ball-point pens write beautifully smoothly and with a nice continuous flow (and you know, it’s all about that continuous flow!)
Feeling nicely balanced in the hand as you hold it, which is really more aesthetically pleasing than anything else, but still important enough for me to mention it.

Also features a section on the top that can fit and hold some mobile phones… Although, if you’re anything like me, you’ll use your pen to hold your phone, and will then look madly for said pen for the next 10 minutes, so you might need to grab a few pens, and save yourself that stress!


We can also completely personalise these for both personal or business needs!
The design is permanent on the pen itself so you don’t need to worry about vinyl peeling off. If you don’t like black ink or your ink runs out, that’s  absolutely no problem at all and is very easy to change, by just unscrewing the nib of the pen and swapping it over.

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