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Reusable Straw Packs


You’ll never deal with the frustration of paper straws from the drive through again, if you have one of our reusable straw packs in your glove or bag.

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Stainless Steel Reusable Straw packs. Because paper straws are great for the planet, however they’re terrible to drink from!

You’ll never have to use a paper straw again whilst you’re on the go, with our planet friendly reusable straws!
Perfect to stash in your school bag, nappy bag, sports bag, handbag, glove box; the options are endless. And you don’t have to worry about nasty’s getting on your straw either! Each pack comes in a handy neoprene pouch to keep it altogether in one place. It also includes removable rubber tips to put over the end of the straws. If you’re like me, the feeling of the metal on your teeth is a negative sensory thing, so these rubber tips provide a fantastic buffer for that.

We have a pack of standard width straws, and we have a pack that includes a straw big enough for those Boba tea or super-thick, thick shake lovers! Hopefully this caters to everyone’s individual needs and no one needs to be subjected to the mushy, crumpling terror, that is paper straws!

Our standard reusable straw pack includes:
2 x straight stainless steel straws
2 x bent neck stainless steel straws
4 x rubber tips
1 x straw cleaner
1 x colour matched neoprene pouch.

Our boba tea reusable straw pack includes:
1 x straight stainless steel straw
1 x bent neck stainless steel straw
1 x boba tea stainless steel straw
3 x rubber tips
1 x straw cleaner
1 x colour matched neoprene pouch.


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Blue – Standard, Blue – Boba, Green – Standard, Green – Boba, Orange – Boba, Pink – Boba, Purple – Standard, Purple – Boba, Red – Standard