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Overall Totally Disenfranchised With Life XL Tote


I’ve had enough today.

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Overall Totally Disenfranchised With Life XL Tote

Sometimes this is exactly how you feel about your day. So here’s a tote bag to show how you really feel.


This tote bag is huge. HUGE! It has 6 panel pockets sewn on the inner part of each side of the bag (2 pockets on both the front and the back and 1 pocket on either side); so there’s a heap of room to stash your stuff, with a huge main section for larger items. I could easily fit my wallet, keys, phone, water bottle and 2 large beach towels, and there was still room for a laptop and more! Measurements:
38cm wide x 30cm high x 18cm deep

With a vinyl design on the front and back, the handles are big enough to comfortably fit your arm through; so you can sling it over your shoulder (so those people walking behind you keep their distance). The entire tote bag is made from a thick, strong muslin fabric with heavy duty stitching, to securely hold all of your shit.

Perfect as an everyday bag, overnight bag, beach bag, or the sort of bag you’d use whenever you have to go out in public and might have to deal with people. The perfect shopping bag to use when you’re feeling Overall Totally Disenfranchised With Life tote.

Here’s a look at the tote:


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