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On Wednesdays We Wear Black tshirt


Even with a touch of pink, we’re wearing black on Wednesdays now.

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On Wednesdays we wear black tshirt.

Are you a mean girl? Are you more like Regina or more like Cady? Whatever the answer to that question is, this is still absolutely the perfect t-shirt for you. On Wednesdays we wear black whilst the real mean girls, like Regina George are wearing pink.

As i get older, i can definitely relate to the ‘villains’ from cartoons and movies more and more. I guess this is the start of my villain era you could say? Or am i just getting older? Lets celebrate that in this cosy black tshirt, with a popping pink glitter vinyl design on the front.

These designs are able to be added to practically anything: decals, tote bags, t-shirts, glasses and more! The options are endless.

Care instructions:

This piece of apparel is made with vinyl which sits on top of the fabric. This is not like our sublimated shirts, where the design bonds and become part of the fabric. We don’t recommend that this garment gets tumble dried. You don’t want to expose your design to too much heat as it could affect the adhesive of the vinyl.  This may cause it to peel and come off the garment.
(** That being said though, i have personally put my own garments in the dryer on the lowest settings and on the most gentle/coolest cycle. This has been going ok for me so far, but it’s definitely not something i would suggest doing if you can avoid it)

We recommend that you wash your tshirt or hoodie in cold water on a gentle cycle and line drying without delay, for the ultimate life span of your design.
When you look after your piece of apparel, the design can happily last for years.

Check out our YouTube channel to have a closer look at all our products at The whimsy of Rule 42.

On Wednesdays we wear black tshirt. For the mean girl in all of us.

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