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Custom Milk Carton Bottle – 500ml


Lets do a complete custom bottle and create a design for this milk carton bottle to suit your exact style!



Custom Milk Carton Bottle – 500ml (small size)

We have some awesome designs,  but we can certainly help you create your own!

This is an absolutely wonderful and aesthetic way to keep your milk in the fridge. Or, to store your coffee creamer or your cold brew.


Our Milk Carton Acrylic Water Bottles are the cutest nod to the retro era that many of us miss and remember fondly.

Holding a large 1 litre and made from clear acrylic, the lid can be unscrewed for easy refilling and cleaning, and the mouthpiece on the front makes it easily accessible for drinking.

These bottles should be handwashed and not soaked. They’re not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.

Available in a huge range of designs which will be released as we make them.

But if you have an idea, please let me know and we can create a design just for you!

Custom Milk Carton Bottle – 500ml

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