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Colour Cassette Mousepad


Back when technology was basic, and yet so advanced for its time.


Colour Cassette Mousepad

Simpler Times is when technology was far easier to use! It was so advanced for it’s time, but looking back, seems so basic and prehistoric.

This is for our Colour Cassette mousepad and is the perfect example of our nostalgic past! When times and technology were easier. Check out my take on the generation that was Gen X here.

Whilst called a mouse pad, they’re not necessarily just for use with a computer! There’s lot of uses you’ve probably not even considered. They’re great for pot plants and to use in the kitchen as a pad for hot pots and pans. They’re also great for helping you open jars and lids. They can be used to line the inside of cupboards and drawers. Plus they’re great to use as a coaster or for under hot plates on your dining room table. There’s probably so many more uses that this just scratches the surface of. It’s an extremely versatile textile and with our added flair and style, it’s definitely going to bring a whole lot of personality into your world. You don’t have to settle for bland and boring when it can be exactly what you want it to be.


Made out of Neoprene, sized at 23cm by 18cm, with the design applied using the Sublimation technique.
You can learn more about this process by checking out our blog post What the fuck is Sublimation?

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Weight .001 kg