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Car Coasters Twin Pack


Keep your cup holders clean with our car coasters!


Our Car coasters twin pack are like the addition to your life you didn’t realise you needed!

They’re perfect for the cupholder in your car so any spills or condensation goes to the neoprene coaster instead of the bottom of the cup holder.
Because we all know how gross they can get after time when crumbs, dust and liquid builds up over time!

With photos to come, you can get 2 coasters with any design you like or of your own, so we can match it to your aesthetic or style. Or you can get a twin pack of one of our own designs!

Stay tuned for a heap of new fun Car Coasters Twin Pack styles!


Made out of Neoprene, sized at 7cm in diameter, with the design applied using the Sublimation technique. Our car coasters should fit in most car cup holder spots.
You can learn more about this process by checking out our blog post What the fuck is Sublimation?


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Design Style

Your Own Design, Highland Cow, Barbie, Ken, Barbie and Ken, Rainbow Bright, Cheshire Cartoon