Not another tumbler.
Or maybe just one more. Ok, perhaps i’ll grab 4 so i’ve got a few options.
Is that too many? Is there a limit? The limit does not exist!

I get it. I was like that and i couldn’t justify why needing more than 1 drink bottle was a thing.

But, let’s be honest here, if you’re at all neurodiverse like myself having just 1 tumbler is inconvenient. I don’t have my life together enough and I don’t do my dishes everyday. It’s a truth i have to bear lol

Actually, fuck that.

No. Just no. I refuse to accept that there’s any shame in not doing housework up to someone else’s standard.
That’s a whole different conversation though!

Having multiple tumblers is actually incredibly practical for someone like myself. I need options & i need variety. I love knowing that i can use a tumbler that matches my mood, outfit or level of attitude for the day.

So on the days where i wake up spicy, not wanting to interact and wanting to hide, this Straight Outta Fucks To Give Tumbler would be the most perfect choice.

On other days, my sunshine and unicorns tumbler would be appropriate. Having choice matters!

Niche or unusual subject?

We have tumblers to suit the niche/specific topics too.

If you’re into baseball or softball, our Rub Some Dirt On It Tumbler should probably be sitting in your dugout.

Or perhaps you are an avid sewer or a tailor by profession? In that case, this Sewing Life Tumbler is the perfect fit for you!

We have you covered!

Whatever it is, we have you covered. And if you don’t already have a design you love, simply let us know what you’d love on a tumbler, and i’ve no doubt we can come up with a design that’s perfect for you! You can Contact Us here and we’ll get to creating a custom tumbler just for you.

We can also be found at the Rule 42 page of Whimsy on YouTube for an more up close look at our drinkware, apparel and more!