It’s a Gen X thing (Gen X or Xennial). It really is. If you aren’t from our era you just won’t truly get it.

We are the last analogue generation (i’ll include older Millennials here as well as they experienced a lot of these things too). We’re the generation who had to be home when the street lights came on. We had our own key to let ourselves in after school as our parents had to work: we were often referred to as ‘latch key kids’. We had to play outside all day and if we needed a drink, we drank straight from the hose. There was nothing pretty about it. No fancy drink bottles and typically not even a cup. Straight from the hose.

And the music.

The music. OH THE MUSIC!!! The Aussie Gen Xers went from vinyl records; to cassettes; to CD’s. (we had to rebuild our collection each time a new music media was released which we hated i must say!) The kids who had to listen to the radio for HOURS just to hear our favourite song: to try and record it onto our cassette player. We’d wait for literally hours for the song we wanted to hear to be announced, and just have to hope that the DJ didn’t speak over the beginning or end of the track. Because that would ruin it for the mix tape. There was a fine timing required to press the play & record button at the same time (until you discovered you could press pause instead of pressing stop between each song, which was a game changer!)

The image of a cassette and a pencil as seen in our Simpler Times collection will invoke instant memories for Gen Xers too. It’s an unforgettable pairing. The tape from our cassettes would get chewed up by the player and it would need to be wound back into the tape case. You had to be careful not to twist, crease or bend the tape though. Doing so would mean it would more than likely get chewed up by the player again. But even when it did happen, we’d still risk playing the tape again. Blank cassette tapes were hard to come by, and they were expensive back then! It was like a primitive version of the scratch on the cd. Inconvenient, yes. But we worked around it.

I could seriously keep going.

I could honestly make this entire subject a continuous blog. Shit i remember from being a kid. How different it was from when i was 10yrs old, to when my son was 10yrs old in 2012, to 10yr olds now. Its a verrrrrry different world from 1965-1980 to now. Children now couldn’t fathom how we grew up. But i’m not entirely sure we could fathom how they are now growing up. Vastly different worlds. I must say though, of all the major changes in the lives we lead and the technology we now have. I’m really glad i grew up in a world without social media. That’s one thing i’m really thankful for. None of my antics were ever caught on camera. For this i’ll always be grateful!

I really think i might do another chapter for this subject. It’s nice to reminisce.
Sometimes we look back at our youth and think we have missed out on something. But they’re called glory years for a reason. We really had it all. They were truly Simpler Times.

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