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What is intriguing, whimsical and sparks curiosity all at the same time?

Rule 42.

We’re a partnership from Adelaide, Australia, who love their dogs and love a good laugh. We never refuse a challenge and have a passion for pop culture, mental health, sarcasm and coffee.

Our pre-made designs and pieces are sparked by delightful moments in our lives with friends and strangers and random events! You could pick almost any item and there’s a high chance we could tell you a funny or relatable story behind it. But we also have so much passion for bringing YOUR ideas and desires to life! We get such a kick out of adding a bit of fun to your life, just how you want it. It’s what we’re here for and we aim to please!

That’s the magic of Rule 42… it can be anything YOU want it to be. As the author Lewis Carroll once said, “imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”.


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